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We encourage our vibrant community to connect and create new opportunities for success. As a Battersea Studios occupier, you’re invited to regular knowledge-sharing events and social gatherings with business peers.

With his business growing fast, ex-military recruitment specialist Peter Wilson needed space to expand.

When we outgrow this office, we can just move to a bigger one.

Former military officer Peter Wilson’s time in the army included managing the build of an airport and prison in Afghanistan. With such large-scale projects under his belt, it’s no surprise that an entrepreneurial streak kicked in when he returned to civilian life. 

Spotting a gap in the recruitment of ex-military technical personnel, Peter set up XMR in 2013. The business grew quickly. XMR moved in to Le Bureau’s shared offices in 2014, and then into its own Battersea Studios office in early 2015. ‘Having our own space is great for leadership,’ says Peter. 

Future plans for XMR will see the company grow at Battersea Studios. ‘We love it here,’ he says. ‘It’s not stuffy. It’s creative and it’s comfortable. It’s also flexible, which is important for us. When we outgrow this office, we can move into a bigger one.’ 

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For Le Bureau’s Kinga Herrera, good design is vital for a productive and enjoyable work space. 

People choose us because of our space. It’s unique.

For Kinga Herrera, Operations Manager at Le Bureau, good design is vital for a productive and enjoyable work space.

‘People come here because of the way the office looks,’ she says. ‘I remember coming here for the first time and loving the space. It’s unique.’

Le Bureau opened the doors to its shared offices seven years ago. ‘We get all sorts of businesses, from start-ups to established companies wanting a London presence,’ explains Kinga. ‘We’re very competitively priced and everything is included. There are no contracts and no deposits – you can be up and running in ten minutes. And we start at £14 per day. If you’re going to go and work in Starbucks, you’ll spend that on coffee.’ 

Le Bureau encourages its community to connect with regular events. ‘We recently had a solicitor visit us to talk about employment law,’ says Kinga. ‘We have fun events too, like wine tastings, and cheese and cakes on Fridays. Because we know each other, it’s easy to help each other. That’s a big plus.’ 

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